How to Help Pets Manage the Stress of Moving to a New Home

Moving to a new home can be a stressful experience for pets, and when animals are anxious, they may exhibit destructive behaviors. If you’re moving to an apartment (and you’d like to get your deposit back someday), you’ll want to minimize your pet’s anxiety before, during, and after your move.

Dogs Need Consistency

Moving from a home to an apartment in Avon Indiana is a big change for a dog that’s accustomed to having a back yard. Owners can help dogs prepare for apartment life by getting them on a consistent schedule for potty breaks.

Crate-training can help establish a consistent schedule, too, for both bathroom breaks and sleeping. Over time, and with positive reinforcement, a dog begins to view its crate as a safe and calming place. A dog may be able to adjust to a new home more quickly when it feels safe in its crate.

Cats Need Security

Cats generally dislike change and the disorder that accompanies moving. When packing up for a move, cat owners can create a safe space – perhaps an empty cardboard box in a closet –

where a cat can hide when it’s overwhelmed.

Tips for Moving Day

Distressed animals may try to escape through an open door, so make sure your pet is in a secure area while moving out of your current home and into your new home. Some people prefer to take their dog to a boarding facility or a friend’s house on moving day. Most cats don’t like being in a cat carrier, but that’s the safest place they can be during your move. If possible, put the cat in a quiet corner of your home, and don’t put it in the car until you’re ready to depart for your new home.

Getting Acclimated

A cat needs to slowly adjust to a new home, room by room. If you have a cat, place its carrier inside a bedroom and open the carrier door (and make sure it has access to its litter box and fresh water). Place a few treats around the room and close the bedroom door – stay in the room for a while, and reward your cat with a treat and attention when it starts exploring the room.

Provide Exercise

Scratching is natural behavior for cats – it helps them stretch and remove the outer layer of their nails. Spare the carpet in your new home by getting your cat a scratching post.

If you have a dog, look for apartments in Avon near Washington Township Park – for an annual fee of $50, your dog can get exercise and meet other dogs at the off-leash Paw Park (and a tired dog is a good dog).

Pet-Friendly Apartments

At Satori Flats, we welcome pets. Our brand new apartments in Avon Indiana have all the amenities renters want in a luxury community – call us today to ask about availability! (317) 268-2364.

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