Why Your Best Friend Might Not be The Best Roommate

A steady job, and the ability to perform basic housekeeping tasks – those are two of the most important qualities in a roommate. It doesn’t matter whether you and your roommate have the same interests. In fact, it’s sometimes easier to live with someone when you have little in common. When best friends move in together, their relationship may change for the worse.

Friends Need Space

Even the best of friends sometimes need time away from each other, and living together, it’s hard to get that space. Think of how much time you actually spend with your friends – it’s probably not more than a few hours a week. Now, imagine how your relationship might change if you saw them – and their belongings, and their dirty dishes – every day of the year.

Why Opposites Can Live Together

Two roommates with opposite interests can usually live together peacefully. For example, if one roommate loves to sit on the couch playing video games in the evening, while the other roommate runs three miles every night, they can each enjoy their hobby without any roommate interference.

Finding the Right Layout

When you each have your own bedroom and bathroom (on opposite ends of the apartment), you’ll have a quiet and private space where you can spend time – and that greatly improves the likelihood of harmonious coexistence with your roommate.

How to Find a Roommate

While you may be looking for a roommate outside of your social circle, you’d probably prefer someone who’s not a complete stranger and who can provide personal references. Consider asking your coworkers if they know of anyone who’s looking for an apartment for rent.

Some best friends are able to live together and remain best friends – and some casual acquaintances become good friends when they rent an apartment together. If you do decide to live with a friend, just make sure you talk about boundaries and personal space before you sign your lease.

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